Friday, February 5, 2010

ski like a girl's Julie & Julia moment

February 1st has come and gone and I've been waiting patiently impatiently for some news from the One Winter, Five Dreams peeps.  I did get an email asking if I could really go to Vancouver, what my clothing sizes were, and if I was computer savvy.

Last night the winner was announced and the Gold Blogger is (insert drum-roll here...) not me!  :(
Of course I am a little sad about this. Who wouldn't be?  A chance to go to the Olympics, attend the events, blog about the athletes.... fun, fun, fun.  Anyway, enough about me. Wait this is my blog it can be all about me. Can't it?

The Gold Blogger is... Aaron Harris.  He's a dedicated figure skating blogger, Olympic enthusiast, and social media guru!   Check out his posts during the Games.  He will keep us in touch with all the One Winter, Five Dreams athletes.

And now back to me!
Here's my Julie  & Julia moment.  And just to be clear, I am Julie in this scenario not Julia.  I started blogging about the Olympics and specifically the Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams athletes after my recent crash with a snowboarder. Dislocated shoulder, blah, blah, blah... (Remember I promised not to whine about that anymore.)  During my month (plus) of not skiing I have blogged wildly about all things Olympics.  Not knowing if anyone besides my family and friends were reading my stuff.  Or even if my family and friends were reading this.

Well guess what?  Someone was reading.  And it wasn't my mom cuz I had to tell her about the blog today when I called her with my exciting news. (We are not big on full disclosure in my family, sort of a don't ask don't tell policy.  We are a military family.)  Luckily, Mom recently watched  Julie & Julia so she knows what a blog is.  Now that I'm thinking about it I'm not sure if she really knows what a blog is.

#1 When I told her my news, although she was very excited she didn't ask for the name of my blog or the URL of my blog and ...

#2 She wouldn't know what a URL is because...

#3 She isn't the most computer literate person.  (She drives to the travel agent to book trips, flights... in person.)

In Julie & Julia, Julie's blog is a pretty important element of the movie.  Maybe my mom thought that Julie was writing in a journal, not an online journal that anyone in the world would see. If this is true it messes with some key points that occur towards the end of the movie but my mom usually falls asleep by then so it probably isn't worth explaining to her.

Here is my BIG news.
I was contacted by a producer from the WNYC radio show,  The Takeaway.  She saw my blog!!!  And wants to (possibly) include me and my blog in a round-table about people who are blogging about the Olympics.  It's not definite yet but it helps lessen the sadness of not being the Gold Blogger.  Actually, it's kind of cooler than the Gold Blogger!  And I can do it from home in my PJ's.  The show airs at 6 am in New York and I am on the west coast.  Yikes!

I'll let you know if it's really happening!  For now I will keep blogging away about skiing, the Olympics, my favorite athletes, and all the other random things I love.  Please keep reading.

ski girl
p.s.  Mom, if you have figured out how to find my blog, I love you!

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  1. Radio is better anyway! I have listened to all sorts of amazing stories on the radio. I can't wait to hear yours!