Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ski like a girl & the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Did I call it or what?  I know that the shoot took place back in July.  I also know that my opinion has absolutely no bearing on why this happened.  But in an unprecedented  event Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn will be featured in back to back Sports Illustrated issues.  And one of them is the Swimsuit Issue.  Which if you follow my blog as closely as, uh I do,  you will know that on February 3rd's post ski like a girl & Lindsey Vonn I, shall we say predicted this or at the very least weighed in on this very issue.

When comparing Lindsey's Ski Magazine cover with her Sports Illustrated cover:
(How silly is it to quote myself?)
"The results are mixed with the facebook  fans.  ski like a girl likes them both.  We vote for:  More coverage of skiers!  More coverage of women skiers!  And more coverage of Lindsey Vonn!  At least Sports Illustrated keep her in a speed suit.  She could have been in the Swimsuit Issue.  But maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing. Okay, we vote for Lindsey Vonn in the Swimsuit Issue. "

We got our wish.  More coverage of skiers (and snowboarders) and yes they are featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Check out the Sports Illustrated "Olympic Stars" Section

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is very excited  to be shot for once without her helmet and ski clothes on.
Her favorite shot is in the La Blanca, white fringe bikini at the top of the mountain.  She is carrying her skis with the helicopter coming up behind her over the peak of a mountain.  The wind is blowing and it's kind of, as Lindsey says,  the cool hiking the mountain picture- except she's in her swimsuit.

 From an interview with Tim Layden:
"I honestly didn't know when the Swimsuit Issue was going to come out, and back then I had no idea I was going to be on the cover of the regular SI," she said. "I would have been happy just to be inside the regular SI, never mind on the cover and in the Swimsuit Issue at the same time. And I had no idea that both would be within a week of the Olympics starting. It's definitely a little bit of extra pressure. But it's also really cool. And exciting.''
Lindsey is a pro and even gets in a few plugs for her some of her sponsors.  An Under Armour swimsuit is featured. And what looks like a Red Bull logo is on a white beanie she has in her hand with a red and white striped Ralph Lauren bikini.  An Under Armour jacket and a water bottle with a Red Bull logo appear in another shot.

But ski like a girl is wondering, "What's up with the your skis, Lindsey?"  In the video shots Lindsey's Rossignol skis are featured but Lindsey is currently sponsored by Head.  It the pictures all of the Rossi graphics are gone, leaving us with some strangely naked looking skis.

Click HERE for an airbrushed version of photo.  I guess overlaying the skis with Head graphics would be wrong?

Other Winter Olympic athletes featured in the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue are snowboarder Hannah Tetter, aerial skier Lacy Schnoor, and snowboarder Clair Bidez.

Lacy Schnoor says in her video, "It's great to be in a swimsuit.  It's fun to be sexy and we work out so much that it's kinda fun to show that off.  I mean we can be hot too."

Well ski like a girl agrees, they are hot, super fit, and heading to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  If you like them in Sports Illustrated make sure and watch them compete in the Games.  See what these girls can really do as they go for the Gold in 2010!  What to do think?  Share you thoughts and opinions in the comments! 

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  1. Okay, so this girl's gotta be freeeeezing. But the Fringe swimsuit is...dare I say...hot! Love this blog :)

  2. Thanks Diane. Good to hear from you! The fringe swimsuit is super cute. If I looked like Lindsey I'd wear it snow or no snow!

  3. "If your a Vonn fan then you're part of the Vonntourage"
    -Lindsey Vonn, Olympic Alpine Skier

    Are you a part of it?