Thursday, February 25, 2010

Julia Mancuso talks GS & ...

Were you following the Ladies GS yesterday?  You should have been.  A combination of bad weather and the luck of the draw lead media to speculate that Lindsey Vonn's crash in the GS ruined Julia Mancuso's chances for Gold.  Julia is the Gold medal winner of the 2006 Ladies Giant Slalom.  Yesterday's mishap has her heading into the 2nd run 18th.

From Julia Mancuso's twitter following her second run down the GS course:

"that yellow flag in the GS was such... I just want to scream. I'm really miffed. Anyway, gotta take that energy and focus it for 2nd run."

It has since been removed from twitter due to some IOC violation.  No talking smack about course officials?  There was a rumor yesterday that a fine may be levied.  I don't see a problem with the tweet. Do you?

Julia Mancuso on facebook:
"1/2 of the race done. tomorrow morning 2nd run... I know thats strange... but i guess thats what is happening here cause the weather! I'm in 18th. only 1.3 out, anything is possible.. bummed about the yellow flag this morning, just watched my (2nd) run.. ran out of steam.. imagine running a 400 meter sprint, and them missing your time and making you run it again after 5 minutes... not easy."

This facebook note is okay by IOC rules?  An athlete can be bummed about a yellow flag but not say a yellow flag was such ...?   What does ... actually mean? 

I know what I think it means but I'll just leave it at ...
Leave your thoughts about ... in the comments. 

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