Monday, February 22, 2010

ski like a girl and lululemon's Be Ready for Anything Challenge Day #22

lululemon's be ready for anything challenge
Day #22

Challenge #22: Hold downward dog for 5 minutes!  on Twitpic

Challenge #22: Hold downward dog for 5 minutes!

ski like a girl is going to do this.  I'll be the first to admit I lost focus of this challenge for a few days.  Okay, it was a whole week but I was busy watching the Olympics.  Maybe not the best excuse, it's just what happened.  So now I'm back on track and groovin' in my down dog.  This may be a bit tough on my shoulder but I'm gonna give it a try.

How long can you hold down dog? Click HERE for yoga journal's wonderful step by step guide to getting the most from your down dog.

ski girl

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