Friday, February 26, 2010

Lindsey Vonn is hurt but still competing in Ladies' Slalom

Lindsey Vonn broke her pinkie in this crash during her 1st GS run but that won't stop her from racing today.  Team doc's have  diagnosed her injury as a cracked proximal phalanx of the little finger.  This is at the base of the pinkie, where it connects to the hand. Do you ski?  Think about how you grip a ski pole.  Now think about Lindsey's injury..... Ouch!

What would you do if you broke your pinkie?

Go skiing?  What about competing?  Lindsey isn't known for letting injuries hold her back, think back to the "shin".   A broken pinkie will make it tough to grip a ski pole, but Lindsey has overcome this sort of thing before.  She raced the end of the season with her pole taped to her glove after slicing her thumb open on a champagne bottle last February.

lindsey vonn Just got off the training hill. SL training was OK, I still feel pretty beat up after my crash in GS yesterday. I was able to modify one of my gloves and make a brace for my right hand. It seemed to work without too much pain, so I will try and race tomorrow in the SL. Thanks for all of the support I appreciate it! xoxo LV

With duct tape, a mitten, a brace, some pain reliever, and that Lindsey Vonn grit, she will take to the hill today in the Ladies' Slalom.  Go Lindsey!  ski like a girl is cheering for you.  If you are anything like me and can't wait for NBC's coverage tonight then follow along HERE.


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