Thursday, February 11, 2010

ski like a girl: Talk to Olympian Julia Mancuso on Digg!

Julia Mancuso drew this poster when she was 12!  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Did it happen?  Watch Julia as she makes her dreams come true at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Ways to stay in touch with Julia:

Digg Dialogg: Julia Mancuso

Olympic Gold Medalist. World Cup Champion. And now, Digg Dialogg guest. Direct from the 2010 Winter Olympics, we’re sitting down with alpine skier Julia Mancuso before she once again goes for the Gold. Submit and Digg questions from now until Friday, February 12th at noon PT to decide which will be asked in this exclusive interview.
Digg interviews Julia Mancuso based on questions voted on by people like you.
Julia says, "Ask your questions and I shall answer this Saturday."

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 Julia's going to be giving away some swag from Whistler!  Actually her tweet and facebook page said shag but I though I should clean it up for her.  That can't be what she really meant, right?  Or could it be schwag?  Not sure what Julia's is giving away, it is Canada. Follow her tweets to find out! 

ski like a girl likes Julia, she's not afraid of a little shameless self promotion.  At the US Women's ski team press conference when Lindsey Vonn was questioned about her Sports Illustrated swimsuit pictorial, Julia managed to slide in a plug for her new venture. "And yeah, as far as getting down to your skivvies, I started a lingerie company this year, and I'm launching it at the Games here, and just, I think it's great that we can show off the first thing on and the last thing off."

Watch for Julia in the:
She'll be wearing her Kiss My Tiara boy shorts under her speed suit.

ski girl
p.s.  Maybe Julia's giving away some of her new underwear line Kiss My Tiara. She had 500 thongs and 500 boy shorts made up and will give them out at the Olympics to friends, family and even competitors.  I'd love a pair or two!

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