Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I run....

We train through the winter in deep snow and ice. Our slogan is "Pain is good, more pain is even better."

Matt Carpenter, Mountain Runner

Monday, October 12, 2009

Warren Miller Giveaway!

To celebrate Warren Miller's 60 years of making ski movies, Warren Miller Entertainment, Ski & Skiing Magazines have teamed up to present the BIGGEST SKI GIVEAWAY IN HISTORY.

Here's what you need to do:
Each day during the 60 days from October 1 to December 1, we're giving away one valuable prize to one lucky winner. You could win one of sixty prizes, including skis, free lift tickets, resort accommodations, and our grand prize, a four-day trip to Snowbird, Utah! All you have to do is check out this page and accept the daily "challenge" by answering a trivia question or performing a Facebook task. Good luck, and have fun!

As part of this huge celebration, Ski & Skiing Magazines are bringing skiers and boarders 60 Days of AMAZING prizes including:
  • Squaw Valley vacation packages
  • Line Skis Prophet 90(179cm) skis
  • Full Tilt Boots
  • Merrell Jackets
  • Spy Goggles
  • Snowbird Four nights at Cliff Lodge, Four days of lift tickets for two, guided skiing and early tram.
  • Dakine Packs
  • Day of cat skiing for 2 at Keystone
  • Two nights at the Village at Squaw, plus a two-day lift ticket 
Enter Here!
Visit HERE and answer one (easy) ski trivia question - once you've completed the entry you're eligible to win a prize on that day. Visit the site each day to participate and don't forget to enter into the GRAND PRIZE giveaway!

I've been entering everyday.  I'd love to win the trip to Snowbird and the stay at The Cliff Lodge so I can ski with my ski buddy Carolyn.  She just moved there this weekend.

We're gonna miss you at Mt. Hood!  Good luck!

-ski girl

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kona 2011

A 17 year-old Lance at the Jeep Triathlon Gran Prix, May 1988

Yet another reason to do the Hawaiian Ironman. Lance is going to do it in 2011!!! Armstrong began his professional sports career competing in triathlons and now he's going back to his roots. Hmmm, 2011, that's just about the time I'll be ready! Next summer I'm doing an Ironman 70.3. Then I'll enter the Ironman lottery for 2011 and cross my fingers. Then another 70.3 or even better a full Ironman in 2011 and I'm on my way!

Or I could always win my age group. That would get me to Kona.
Lance's coach, Chris Carmichael, speaking in Hawaii before the 2010 World Championships begin on October 10, dropped hints that the 38-year-old seven-time Tour de France winner wouldn't just be entering as an age grouper. "2011, [Lance Armstrong] will be here. He's super psyched and I think he wants to do more than win his age group," Carmichael said.

I'll be there too Lance! We have so much in common. I just need to get a tri bike! I'm dreaming about the official Ironman bike the Ceepo or a maybe Cervelo.

For more on Lance's plan click HERE!

For more on my plan just keep reading my blog. It will be about skiing soon. Promise. It just needs to snow a little more.

-ski girl aka tri girl

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another reason to love Colorado

Get Married, Ski Free

"In an attempt to boost the state of marriage in America—or just get some media attention—Vail Resorts is offering soon-to-be-wedded couples the opportunity to celebrate with a ceremony on Keystone Mountain in exchange for a 2010-2011 season pass. The wedding can go off anytime between Nov. 30 2009 and Nov. 30 2010, and the his-and-her season passes are good at Keystone, as well as at Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin. You gotta admit: A season pass puts your china settings to shame."
What would you do for a free ski pass? Does the marriage have to last through out the ski season? Does epic skiing = eternal marital bliss? What if you combined the green card marriage and the free ski pass marriage? If you could marry someone from another country, say Chile. And they were offering the same ski free promotion there, you could potentially ski all year-round for free. A never ending winter. Although I wholly advocate the free pass concept I can't be held responsible for the state of your impending marriage.

-ski girl

Friday, October 9, 2009

Opening day at Loveland!!

Fall foliage and snow. You've got to love Colorado!

Opening day at Arapahoe Basin


Oh to live in Colorado!  I'm a little jealous.  Our time will come soon enough here in the Pacific Northwest!  For now I'm enjoying the beautiful October weather.

ski girl

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Ford Ironman World Championship

New snow in Colorado and Utah. Loveland opened today in Colorado and what am I thinking about? Snow? No, not snow. Skiing? No not skiing. It's my other obsession. Triathlons. Yeah, it's finally here!!!! This weekend is "The Big Weekend", it's the Ford Ironman World Championship on the Big Island. I wish I was there to race or volunteer or watch or... but I have to wait until December 19 to watch the coverage.

Save the date and check your local listings. Seriously, don't miss it! It's always an inspirational and emotional event even if you aren't obsessed like me.

2009 Ford Ironman World Championship NBC coverage:
Dec. 19, 2009 from 4:30 - 6:00 PM (check local listings)

I just watched the 2008 Ironman coverage from Kona yesterday. I have to admit I've watched it a few times. It's one of my favorites. Lots of drama.

The race, as you may know, consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. Conditions in 2008 were harsh in Kona as usual with hot weather, gusty winds and a full roster of the world’s best triathletes. Chrissie Wellington was leading the women's race, when she encountered a 10-minute flat tire delay. She blew out her two CO2 canisters and was stranded on the side of Queen K Highway. It seemed like the race was over for her.
"Watching the world champion on the side of the highway begging, "Have you got a pump???" as other competitors sped by was heartbreaking. Finally, Rebekah Keat tossed Chrissie a CO2 canister, and after losing ten minutes she re-mounted. What happened next would set the triathlon world in a tizzy all over again. Despite her setback, Chrissie Wellington won the race by fifteen minutes, breaking the marathon course record in the process." -Boston Triathlon Examiner
I cried! Seriously, it was incredably emotional. I can't wait to see what happens this year. Chrissie Wellington is my favorite triathlete. She's always got a smile on her face, she cheers on the pro guys during the race, and she hangs out and cheers on the age-groupers coming in hours after her finish. Maybe Chrissie will be cheering for me someday. This year I'll be cheering for her!

Here is a breakdown of this year's participants from the official Ironman website.

By Gender:
Female: 508, which will be 27.4% of the field.
Men: 1345, which, for those who hate subtraction, is 72.6% of the field.
Number of records in total (in case you don't like addition, either): 1853

By Category:
CATEGORY = MPRO 101 5.5%
CATEGORY = M18-24 36 1.9%
CATEGORY = M25-29 95 5.1%
CATEGORY = M30-34 152 8.2%
CATEGORY = M35-39 217 11.7%
CATEGORY = M40-44 256 13.8%
CATEGORY = M45-49 190 10.3%
CATEGORY = M50-54 112 6.0%
CATEGORY = M55-59 59 3.2%
CATEGORY = M60-64 50 2.7%
CATEGORY = M65-69 35 1.9%
CATEGORY = M70-74 26 1.4%
CATEGORY = M75-79 10 0.5%
CATEGORY = M80+ 1 0.1%
CATEGORY = W18-24 26 1.4%
CATEGORY = W25-29 53 2.9%
CATEGORY = W30-34 68 3.7%
CATEGORY = W35-39 72 3.9%
CATEGORY = W40-44 80 4.3%
CATEGORY = W45-49 57 3.1%
CATEGORY = W50-54 41 2.2%
CATEGORY = W55-59 31 1.7%
CATEGORY = W60-64 17 0.9%
CATEGORY = W65-69 5 0.3%
CATEGORY = W70-74 3 0.2%
CATEGORY = W75-79 1 0.1%

Check out the women's age group info. The older I get the smaller the field. I just need to keep at it. Triathons are the fastest growing sport for women right now. I have this vision of a bunch of 40 year old moms like me plotting their age group take over of the Kona Ironman in their 50's, 60's and 70's. So girls if you're out there and live in the Pacific NW I need a training partner.

Washington's Sister Madonna Buder is back to add to her Kona legend at the age of 79.

First time Kona competitors: 395

Someday it will be me!!

ski girl aka tri girl

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get ready for winter!

Click here for more ski specific workouts to get you in shape for the slopes. There's new snow on Mt. Hood!!! How's your mountain?
ski girl

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