Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kona 2011

A 17 year-old Lance at the Jeep Triathlon Gran Prix, May 1988

Yet another reason to do the Hawaiian Ironman. Lance is going to do it in 2011!!! Armstrong began his professional sports career competing in triathlons and now he's going back to his roots. Hmmm, 2011, that's just about the time I'll be ready! Next summer I'm doing an Ironman 70.3. Then I'll enter the Ironman lottery for 2011 and cross my fingers. Then another 70.3 or even better a full Ironman in 2011 and I'm on my way!

Or I could always win my age group. That would get me to Kona.
Lance's coach, Chris Carmichael, speaking in Hawaii before the 2010 World Championships begin on October 10, dropped hints that the 38-year-old seven-time Tour de France winner wouldn't just be entering as an age grouper. "2011, [Lance Armstrong] will be here. He's super psyched and I think he wants to do more than win his age group," Carmichael said.

I'll be there too Lance! We have so much in common. I just need to get a tri bike! I'm dreaming about the official Ironman bike the Ceepo or a maybe Cervelo.

For more on Lance's plan click HERE!

For more on my plan just keep reading my blog. It will be about skiing soon. Promise. It just needs to snow a little more.

-ski girl aka tri girl

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