Saturday, November 28, 2009

My morning swim

Ahhhh Hawaii! Sunrise run, circuit training, poolside yoga, & ocean swim all before 9 a.m. What a vacation!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

This is the forecast for the weekend at Meadows!  Tomorrow is our ski school rehire day.  Once I'm done with the meeting, the paperwork and the running around  (getting a locker, new uniform, season pass picture...)  I get to ski!!!!!!!!

I did take a few runs at Timberline this week.  Didn't want to end up in a ski school clinic on my first day back on the slopes.   The first run was painfully bad but after I remembered "I do know how to ski" it got a whole lot better.

November Powder!

Here's a video of me going down Thunder.  I'll post another one at the end of the season so you can see my improvement.  I'm working on my PSIA Level 2 exams this year.  Any ski instructors out there with any tips or MA of my skiing please comment!

ski girl

p.s. Only 4 more days until Hawaii!  The forecast is 85 degrees on Thanksgiving. Not enough snow on Mauna Kea to take skis.  Maybe next time?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mary and Bill

A 90 year old triathlete
an 83 year old high jumper
This is their story

And they can ski too!!

For the Mary and Bill film teaser click here. A documentary by Andrew Napier.
'Mary and Bill' has been officially submitted to 17 festivals. These include Sundance, Slamdance, True/False, Full Frame, Atlanta, and Cinequest.

Age is just a number. Warren Miller says, Do it now, because if you don't, you'll be another year older when you do. Live your life like Mary and Bill and just keep on doing what you love.

ski girl

Friday, November 13, 2009

Project X: Shaun White's Secret Halfpipe

Obviously I'm no Shaun White.  The last time I was on my snowboard I broke my arm and I wasn't doing anything special.  My goal in the pipe this year is to air out by freestyle camp in April.  I'll be on my skis, no snowboard in sight. If I manage to do it with some sort of style and flair all the better.  That said, I want a secret halfpipe with a foam pit to land new tricks! Shaun has one.  Project X.

Shaun has teamed up with Red Bull and created a custom half pipe in the backwoods of Colorado.  Check out the new tricks he's working on.

Last season I had my very own box in the backyard at my cabin.  I don't think there's room for a halfpipe. Given the density of houses in Government Camp it wouldn't be much of a secret.

Shaun White you're awesome! Thanks for letting us in on your secret. 

ski girl

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Opening day at Mt. Hood Meadows!!!!

Meadow's Park Crew is Shapin' up Shipyard

Shipyard Rail Park at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Paradise Parks at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
Dave says, "Shipyard is shaping up to be a major rail park on opening day. The crew has been KILLIN' IT, putting in four different lines with 11 different features. Take your pick":
Flat down box top into a Down rail
Plastic culvert jib
Log spine
Booter rail
Kink mailbox
Picnic table
Fun box
C rail
Dance floor box into ledge into a mail box
Four lifts including two high speed quads are scheduled for Wednesday's opening of the 2009/10 season. Mt. Hood Express, Shooting Star Express, Easy Rider, Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet in the Fun Zone will run from 9 AM - 4 PM. Read the Blog to find out more about opening day operations. Only twice in the past 14 seasons has there been an earlier opening day at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Lift Ticket Pricing for Opening Day
$52 for adults
$30 for juniors age 7 to 14
$30 for seniors age 65+.
Kids 6 and under get a season pass for just $9.

We're stuck in PDX with the flu but I'll be thinking of all of you getting your ski fix!

ski girl

p.s. Call the Snow Phones for more info
503.227.7669 (227.SNOW) Portland
541.386.7547 (386.SKIS) Hood River

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter running gear

Check out this great winter running gear from Fit Right NW.  I'm still waiting for snow but lots of rainy runs in Portland have lead me to want to gear up for winter.
ski girl

180s Convertible Running Glove, $25

This is our best selling glove from October - February for the 180 glovepast 2 years, and is a staff favorite.  The nearly waterproof cover on the glove easily covers the fingers and to act as a rain deterrent and also an insulator when it's dry and cold out.  If it's a mild fall day, roll up the "hood" of the glove and you've got a lightweight glove.  Perfect!

Wigwam Wool Socks, $12

This year Fit Right NW is going wool crazy with it's socks.  Why?  Because it is hands down the most versatile fabric out there for running and walking.  We will have wool sock options from 4 different companies, including Wigwam.  This sock is in stock now, and will be an additional style on the wall for Wigwam.  Wigwam has been making socks out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin since 1905...that's over 100 years of creating quality socks here in the US!  We are excited to bring in the Trail Trax Pro, which is their premier Merino Wool sock for running and walking in the fall and winter.  They source almost 100% of their wool from the states, and so by purchasing their socks here at Fit Right NW you really are supporting local!