Friday, November 13, 2009

Project X: Shaun White's Secret Halfpipe

Obviously I'm no Shaun White.  The last time I was on my snowboard I broke my arm and I wasn't doing anything special.  My goal in the pipe this year is to air out by freestyle camp in April.  I'll be on my skis, no snowboard in sight. If I manage to do it with some sort of style and flair all the better.  That said, I want a secret halfpipe with a foam pit to land new tricks! Shaun has one.  Project X.

Shaun has teamed up with Red Bull and created a custom half pipe in the backwoods of Colorado.  Check out the new tricks he's working on.

Last season I had my very own box in the backyard at my cabin.  I don't think there's room for a halfpipe. Given the density of houses in Government Camp it wouldn't be much of a secret.

Shaun White you're awesome! Thanks for letting us in on your secret. 

ski girl

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