Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter running gear

Check out this great winter running gear from Fit Right NW.  I'm still waiting for snow but lots of rainy runs in Portland have lead me to want to gear up for winter.
ski girl

180s Convertible Running Glove, $25

This is our best selling glove from October - February for the 180 glovepast 2 years, and is a staff favorite.  The nearly waterproof cover on the glove easily covers the fingers and to act as a rain deterrent and also an insulator when it's dry and cold out.  If it's a mild fall day, roll up the "hood" of the glove and you've got a lightweight glove.  Perfect!

Wigwam Wool Socks, $12

This year Fit Right NW is going wool crazy with it's socks.  Why?  Because it is hands down the most versatile fabric out there for running and walking.  We will have wool sock options from 4 different companies, including Wigwam.  This sock is in stock now, and will be an additional style on the wall for Wigwam.  Wigwam has been making socks out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin since 1905...that's over 100 years of creating quality socks here in the US!  We are excited to bring in the Trail Trax Pro, which is their premier Merino Wool sock for running and walking in the fall and winter.  They source almost 100% of their wool from the states, and so by purchasing their socks here at Fit Right NW you really are supporting local!


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