Friday, February 12, 2010

ski like a girl "& um"

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As the Winter Olympics kick off in Vancouver, we check in with three bloggers who've been following the lead-up to the games for months.

  • Leilani Gibson is a ski instructor and yoga teacher in Oregon. She writes about women's skiiing and skateboarding in her Ski-like-a-girl blog.  
  • Brandon Worley is the Hockey editor for the Sports Blogs Nation and he talks to us about Team USA's chances of winning gol.
  • And Aaron Harris's Axes loops and Spins blog about figure skating just won him an all expense paid trip to Vancouver to blog about the Olympics.
Just in case you weren't up at 4 am on the west coast or a more reasonable 7 am on the east coast you can listen to my few moments in the spotlight.  I do have this on the sidebar of my ski like a girl blog but if you missed it or if you get this through an RSS feed (wow does anyone do that?  Let me know.)  Or if this comes straight to your email I didn't want you to miss out on my radio spot!

Not sure about the skateboarding in my bio?  Me either. Probably should be snowboarding. The little ski princess has a skateboard in the garage but that's the extent of my knowledge.  And for those of you that were following my attempted journey to the Olympics does the name Aaron Harris mean anything to you?  It should, he's the guy who won the Gold Blogger contest and is in Vancouver right now.  He got to call in to the show from his hotel in Vancouver where he will following the Olympics for One Winter, Five Dreams!  How cool is that? 

Did anyone see the Jenkins episode of How I meet your Mother?  It's the one where Robin discovers that she is a drinking game for college kids.  Her repetition of "But, um" during her middle of the night news show is an opportunity for people to drink.  So may I suggest before you click play on the above radio show, grab yourself a beverage and settle in for a new drinking game.  the ski like a girl "& um"  game. Be warned, I say "& um" a lot. I'm not advocating drinking or drinking games just making a suggestion purely for entertainment purposes. Other than that little piece of self criticism it was a fabulous experience well worth the loss of sleep.

Let me know what you think in the "& um" comments.

ski girl
p.s.  I found an artilcle that may help me rid myself of this annoying habit.  Trainers: just say no to "uh"and "um"

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