Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ski like a girl wants to look like a superhero

Thanks to the LA Times and Twitter ski like a girl has solved the mystery of the Alpine Ski Team uniform.  Racers will be wearing this superhero inspired Speed Suit by Under Armour.

"When designing the high-tech body suits and pants-jackets ensembles, the Baltimore-based company Under Armour took design cues from 1970s action-hero icons, including Evil Knievel and Captain America." (Under Armour)

I approve. I'm not a racer and my inner superhero wants one. It looks sleek, cool, and super fast all at the same time.  Qualities all superheros and ski racers should have.  Are the muscles included?

Only 1 more day!!!!


ski girl


  1. Under Armour came out with some ski clothes that look similar. Pants and a jacket that were Olympic inspired. They were featured in a fashion show at the SIA in Denver. I'll post the pic. Not the super hero look but more wearable on the slopes.

  2. I'm loving the US freestyle ski team's uniforms right now! I haven't seen many pictures online though.