Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ski like a girl wonders can Taylor Swift ski?

Taylor Swift can do a lot of things but can she ski?  It may not matter to US Ski Team member, Will Brandenburg who likes Taylor's girl next door appeal.

"She's just got that girl-next-door attitude. I like it, I like it a lot," Brandenburg said in defense of his crush. "I think me and Taylor could have a really good time. I was just thinking [about] a nice little dinner and a movie and a date, so if you're out there, Taylor, look me up. Will you be my valentine?"

During an interview with MTV News Correspondent Sway, 2010 Olympic skier Will Brandenburg - with the help of Ted Ligety - asks Grammy Award winning pop star Taylor Swift to be his Valentine. Thanks Shauna Farnell at Ski Racing Magazine for the vid. www.skiracing.com.

I asked my very own in house expert on "all things Taylor Swift," if Taylor has a boyfriend?  The answer is no according to the 10 year old ski princess.

So Will things are looking good for you. 

Have you seen Taylor in Valentine's Day?  You may not want to take her to that on your movie/dinner date.  Taylor's super cute.  But be warned there's a lot of making out going on between the two Taylors. Not to worry the thing between her and Taylor Lautner is so 2009.

And we all know what happened with Taylor and Joe.

I'm sure you watched her on SNL but to refresh your memory, Taylor does like winter! 


If you do get your date I hope things go well.  Be nice and treat her right or next year at the Grammy's there may be a new Taylor Swift song about how Olympic Skier, Will Brandenburg broke sweet Taylor's heart.

ski girl

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