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ski like a girl & Ladies Snowboard Cross Results

 Canada's Maelle Ricker wins Gold in Snowboard Cross

Maelle Ricker becomes first Canadian women to win Olympic Gold on home-ground when she claimed victory in the Snowboard Cross on Tuesday.  A local hero, raised on the slopes of  Vancouver.  Maelle won three World Cup competitions this year and is the current World Cup leader.  Remember Maelle in 2006? She was airlifted from the Snowboard Cross in Torino after a horrible crash resulting in a concussion. 

Lindsey Jacobellis

Lindsey's Disappointment

What happened to Lindsey Jacobellis?  The Olympic Gold medal that alludes her in Turino and again in Vancouver was not meant to be.

Favored to win the Gold in Turino and well ahead of her competitors in the final run Lindsey goes down on the last jump and finishes second.  Criticized for showboating in 2006, when asked if she had any regrets about Turino Lindsey said, " I have no regrets. I've, I've grown up a lot since them and I had a lot of fun so I just I'm really looking forward to going back and  representing the United States and I would like to come out with a medal this time and hopefully it's gold."

Tuesday after several weather delays at Cyprus Mountain Lindsey was ready for redemption.  And just like 2006 Lindsey was the one to beat after the quarter finals.  But once again she was met with disappointment after she went off course in the semi-finals.  Racing side by side with Maelle Ricker, neck in neck approaching turn number 1.   Lindsey goes off course, hits one of the gate and is out of the race as Maelle Ricker pulls away.  She's disqualified for not going around the gate.  Taking her our of the running for medal contention with a fifth place finish.

What went wrong for Lindsey? 

She had been flawless up till this point. Riding strong all day. When asked what she was thinking when she hit the gate Lindsey said,  "I was just like are you kidding me I was fighting to stay up cuz I landed front foot  on my snowboard going into that bank turn and your getting all this speed.  You're like nurrrrrr pull up, pull up, pull up! And right when I caught my balance again I was like... Do I stop? Do I keep going? Do I need to hike  up?"

On a more positive note

Lindsey is known for sometimes giving up when she doesn't make it to the finals. "And ah you know, sometimes when I go into the consolation round you know sometimes I'm like, well I'm over it. I don't care.  I'm not even in the finals.  But this time, you know,  I think I stepped up my personal you know goal and just stepped back and  be like you know I'm going to win this race."

This attitude is a victory for Lindsey.  Sometimes this doesn't happen for her.   She says, "Ask my coaches, Lindsey's not in finals she's not  going to even try anymore. So that  for a personal best winning the consolation is what's gonna happen I glad I did that at least."

Click HERE to watch coverage of the quarter final.

1. Maelle Ricker Canada

2. Deborah Anthonioz, France

3.  Olivia Nobs, Switzerland

For full results click HERE.

Even with a fifth place finish Lindsey's positive attitude shines through.   She will try to have a smile on her face and take it  one day at a time.  "I didn't get hurt today that I can continue on and do another race." 

Congratulations to both Maelle and Lindsey.

ski girl

p.s. Winter Games: Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total 
1.  United States 10 
2.  Germany 
3.  France 

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