Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drama on the GS course at Whistler

Lindsey Vonn crashes on the GS coarse this morning in Whistler.  Julia Mancusco was the next in the gates to ski. Due to weather conditions the skiers were starting one minute apart.

Julia was forced to stop and restart the race because Lindsey was still on the side of the course. Julia, the defending champion, then had to make her way back up to the top of the course for a later start.  She finished 18th after her first run..

From Julia Mancuso's twitter:

"that yellow flag in the GS was such... I just want to scream. I'm really miffed. Anyway, gotta take that energy and focus it for 2nd run."

Vonn said she felt terrible for her teammate.
"She's mad. She's frustrated. She's probably mad at me," Vonn said of her teammate. "I feel terrible, and I hope she understands. I definitely didn't want that to happen."

Stay focused Julia!  ski like a girl is rooting for you.

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