Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Tsunami Warning in Effect until 12pm 2/27/2010

I have friends and family living and vacationing in Hawaii right now.  My parent's live on the Big Island.  My brother and his family are on Oahu.  My Olympic watching and coverage has been preempted by this impending natural disaster.

Click HERE for live Coverage.

For Hawaii's Red Cross click HERE.

People in Hawaii can register at Safe and Well so loved ones know they are okay.

These are ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIMES for the first set of waves to Hawaii (all times listed are for Hawaii):

11:05AM HILO at 8.25 FT

11:26AM MAUI at 7.22 FT

11:37AM OAHU at 1.6 FT

11:42AM KAUAI at 2.95 FT

Stay off the roads. Only use 9-1-1 for Emergencies.

City and county roads in evacuation areas, coastal areas ARE NOW CLOSED (as of 10am). This is ONE HOUR Prior to estimated arrival of first set of waves to our islands (see above).

Waianae coast: The Bus has 3 additional buses running. Look for "EVACUATION" on bus and you will be taken to Nanakuli High School. You are allowed ONE piece of luggage per person; Pet allowed WITH LEASH.

Remember if you live in an apartment building, maybe staying in a hotel, head to the THIRD FLOOR or higher. Follow directions provided by the manager of property.

Going to a shelter?
What to bring per person - 5 to 7 days worth of food, water, clothing, personal i.d. card, cash. PETS must be accompanied with pet crate or carrier to be allowed in shelter; also, pet id tage, collar and a leash, 3-5 day supply of pet food, medications, litter (for cats).


Board of Water Supply asks you to Conserve Water. Even if you are in unaffected evacuation areas, if you are uphill, "think twice" before you shower, bathe, wash clothes, wash car, wash dishes. Please conserve until we have an all clear.

HECO said you CAN leave appliances plugged in and please unplug unnecessary appliances.


"All coastal or low-lying state parks are closed, campers are being notified to evacuate. Oahua coastal parks have been evacuate and secured.
Civil Air Patrol will assist DLNR this morning to fly over the coastline from Mokuleia to Kaena Point to Makua area to notify people to evacuate or get to higher ground.

"Campers at remote campgrounds such as Na Pali Coast State Park on Kauai and Waimanu Valley on the Big Island will be notified to evacuate or get to higher ground.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve on Maui is also closed.

Boaters in state small boat harbors are being advised to vacate 2 hours prior to the anticipated time of arrival of possible waves approximately 11:19am, IF they do not plane to take their boats out to sea.

Further updates will be issued as information is obtained. Do not return to coastal areas until the all clear has been announced by emergency officials."

Click HERE for live Coverage.

For Hawaii's Red Cross click HERE.

People in Hawaii can register at Safe and Well so loved ones know they are okay.

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