Thursday, February 11, 2010

ski like a girl: Will Lindsey compete?

I'm sure that if you are reading this, & love Lindsey Vonn, & have been following the Olympic coverage: you've probably heard this by now but just in case you've missed it here's the scoop.

In an interview with NBC Today’s Matt Lauer, US Ski Team member, Lindsey Vonn, revealed yesterday that she sustained a deep and serious bruise on her shin during slalom training in Austria last week. An injury that is expected to take two weeks to fully heal but Lindsey doesn't have two weeks.  She is a contender in five Olympic events and needs to ski NOW!
"I for sure will be racing, I'm going to push through it," Vonn told Matt Lauer of NBC's TODAY Show. "This winter I've already had an arm injury, but this is a part of my leg. It feels more like the 2006 Torino Olympics. I've fought through injuries before - I'm no stranger to that. But it's going to be really hard. I just have to try to stay positive and do the best I can."

Valentine's day marks the opening of the Women's alpine medal competition with the super combined.

"I have to wait until the first training run on Thursday and go up there, put my skis on and see how it feels," said Vonn. "I'm thinking about how I can manage it so I can race well in all my disciplines. I don't know if that means sitting out a training run to get some extra rest. I'll have to keep doing therapy and play it by ear. All I can say is that I will do my best."
Today was to be the test for Lindsey who hasn't skied in over a week.  The first of three official downhill training runs prior to the event.  Back in the ski boot that she says is excruciatingly painful while just trying it on in her hotel room.  Imagine the pain while pressuring into her boot cuff at 70+ mph!

Here is a rundown of the morning from the  US Ski Team
Thursday February 11, 2010
Vonn Expected to Start Thursday's Training

WHISTLER CREEKSIDE, BC (Feb. 11) – Inspection is complete for both men's and women's downhill training runs with Lindsey Vonn (Vail, CO) feeling positive and expecting to start.
U.S. Coaches and athletes report solid snow conditions on both the Dave Murray and Franz's slope. Though, both sessions are experiencing slight delays due to snowfall.
Live timing will be available at
Thursday February 11, 2010
Women's Downhill Training Canceled
WHISTLER CREEKSIDE, BC (Feb. 11) - The women's downhill training was cancelled on Thursday at Whistler due to continuing snow. The racers waited patiently as the training was first delayed, then cancelled for the day after only a few racers went.

ski like a girl would like to thank mother nature for the additional snowfall, thus giving Lindsey more time to rest and rehab. Anyone know where to get Austrian topfen cheese in Whistler?  Vonn has turned to a home remedy to treat her injured shin by wrapping it in cheese.
“I’m pretty much doing everything and anything I can to feel better,” Vonn told reporters on Wednesday. “I wrap my leg in cheese.”
Topfen, a curd cheese, is thought by some to reduce swelling and stimulate healing.  "I put cheese on it to try to take the swelling out," said Vonn.
Lindsey said she was also trying more conventional treatments, but had not taken painkillers. She also hasn't had her shin X- rayed because if it is broken she won't be allowed to compete.  "I don’t want to know," she said.
Hang in there Lindsey!

ski girl
p.s.  Complete audio from the women's U.S. Olympic Alpine Ski Team arrival press conference is available at


  1. I hope that her shin heals! That must be extremely painfull...

  2. With the training getting canceled 2 days in a row she's getting a little extra time to heal. I hope it helps.