Thursday, February 4, 2010

ski like a girl & lululemon's Be Ready for Anything Challenge

 Challenge #4: Hold plank pose for 3 minutes (please note I cr... on Twitpic

Challenge #4 Today's lululemon Be Ready for anything challenge!

Hold Plank for 3 minutes. Bonus points if you can lift 1 foot up the entire time!

Here is more info on the lululemon February challenge

Your monthly challenge for February is a daily challenge

The be ready for anything challenge!

Welcome to The Be Ready for Anything Challenge!
We are upping our game and instead of having one challenge that is carried through the entire month, we will be throwing challenges at you everyday! Check in see if you can push the limits with us starting Feb 1st. Do you think you can rolll with us!?

how do I participate in the challenge?

You can upload your photo to our monthly challenge photo pool on flickr, send it to and we'll add it for you (we won't publish your email address), or post it on our Facebook wall!

what will you do with my photo/email?

We'll be featuring some of our favorite entries on the lululemon blog. If you don't want your name or entry to be public, let us know.

You know ski like a girl loves her lululemon!  I haven't tried this yet but I'll let you know how it goes.  It may be a little harder than I think with the shoulder rehabbing (I am not whining about it).

ski girl
p.s.  Strong core = better skier!

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