Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ski like a girl & Shannon Bahrke: Pink, Silver, & now Bronze

Pink, Silver, and Now Bronze: Shannon Bahrke

February 13th, American moguls skier Shannon Bahrke added an Olympic bronze medal to her resume. She already had a silver from the 2002 Olympics. Bahrke has been a member of the US Ski Team for at least 12 years, and plans to retire after this season. With her pink hair, spunky attitude, and line of coffee beans, there's no telling what she'll go on to do.

One of ski like a girl's favorite Olympians,  Shannon has even more reasons to be happy. On 10.10.2010 Shannon Bahrke will become Mrs. Happe (pronounced happy). After winning the bronze in the Women's Moguls, Shannon said her mom will be happy because she can now help her plan her wedding to fiance Matt Happe.  Shannon started her coffee company Silver Beans with Matt.

From NBCOlympics site Speaking with Shannon

Your fiancé is prominently involved in the business also, right?
Yeah, it was definitely his idea and a lot of the business plan and stuff was his. And he does most of the roasting and packaging because I'm just not there very much, so I would say he does about 95 percent of it. But every time I come in he makes me do everything.

What's your fiancé's name?
Matt Happe [pronounced 'HAPPY']. So I'm going to be Mrs. Happy. It's destiny - how could you not marry someone with the last name Happy? That's just going to be awesome.

So you're taking his name?
Yeah, Bahrke - that's just like a bad habit. How do you say it? How do you spell it? Get rid of it. Happy.

Best of luck to the future Mrs. Happe!

ski like a girl

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