Thursday, February 18, 2010

ski like a girl says Gretchen needs a Gold!

Kelly Clark has one.  Hannah Tetter has one.  ski like a girl says it's Gretchen's turn!  Gretchen needs a gold medal.


Watch Olympic silver medalist, Gretchen Bleiler on Conan O'Brien.  She explains her signature move "The Crippler", a front-side 540 (1 1/2 rotations) with a back-flip.  And explains other snowboarding terminology to Conan and a (possibly drunk? and very annoying) Norm MacDonald.  He mistakenly calls her Kelly.  What's up with that Norm?  Can't you tell your snowboarders apart?


Here's how I see it based on nothing but my completely biased opinion.

1. Gretchen

2. Hannah

3. Kelly


Gretchen Bleiler at the X Games winning the Gold in her home town of Aspen!

Apparently 50 Cent told her earlier that day to “be confident and kick some butt”.  Good advice.  Wonder what his advice is for her at the Olympics today?


You can wait until NBC's belated coverage to find out if I'm right.  Or if you just can't hold out click Here to see the official results.  Who are you rooting for?  Leave message in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you.



ski girl

p.s.  If you have a little shredder that wants to be like Gretchen send them to High Cascade Snowboarding Camp this summer on Mt. Hood.  Gretchen will be there holding signature clinics, contests, activities, for Signature Session Six, August 5-11.



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  1. After the qualifying round it's
    1. Torah Bright Australia
    2. Kelly Clark USA
    3. Queralt Castellet Spainn
    4. Hannah Tetter USA
    5. Gretchen Bleiler USA

    More to come at 4pm (PST)

  2. Spoiler Alert! Don't read this if you're waiting for west coast coverage.
    Gold- Torah Bright Australia
    Silver- Hannah Teter USA
    Bronze- Kelly Clark USA

    My pick for the gold, Gretchen Bleiler, finished 11th. :( I haven't watched the coverage, it just started on the west coast.