Friday, February 19, 2010

ski like a girl is watching Lindsey Vonn on Oprah

It's all Lindsey, all the time around here!  Lindsey Vonn on skype with Oprah!  It's on at 11 am in Oregon.  Check your local listings to watch her interview.

Check out Lindsey's recent facebook note after yesterday Super Combined:

First off I want to congratulate Maria, Julia, and Anya on their great performances today they did a great job and it was cool to see Maria get the gold medal that she deserves! Unfortunately I ran into some problems in the second run hooking a tip and crashing in the SL portion, that is just how it goes sometimes in alpine skiing. I have mixed emotions on my day, I am really disappointed that I didn't finish and I lost a chance for gold in one of my strongest events, but on the positive side I was happy to have another solid run in DH and I was also happy with how my SL was going before skiing out. I went out attacking and giving it my best and I feel like that's what the Olympics are all about, so I can't be to disappointed. So now I am shifting my focus to the SG on Saturday. I am going to have a good rest day tomorrow to I should be fresh for the race. OK I am off to bed I will check in with you guys tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support! xoxo LV
ski like a girl loves you Lindsey!  Tomorrow is new day and another chance to go for the gold in the Ladies' Super-G!

ski girl

p.s. Winter Games Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total 
1.  United States 18 
2.  Germany 11 
3.  Norway 

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