Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juila Mancuso Rippin' It on ESPN's Sweat Spot

Olympic skier, Julia Mancuso cross trains on Maui with stand up paddle boarding.

“I feel like everything I do contributes to my ski racing. Whether it’s surfing in Hawaii, exercising in a gym or letting my creative side out in some fun way, it’s all part of it... I love to free ski, I love being let loose.”

Jim Tracy, the head women's coach, said he would not mind if Mancuso did not spend her summers in Hawaii.

“Hawaii is a great place,” he said. “I’m not sure if it’s the best training ground for a ski racer.”

I don't know about that Jim, training in Hawaii seems to be working for Julia!  ski like a girl wants to get a stand up paddle board. I tried one out over Thanksgiving at Waialea Bay, on the Big Island.  It was fun.  I'm all about cross training and spending my summers in Hawaii!  Maybe I can train with Julia?!

In an interview with Rizzosports Julia says:

"I  just love that I can do whatever it is I desire on Maui and not have too many obligations. Yes, I need to sacrifice and hit the gym at a certain time, but other than that I choose what I want to do and when I want to do it. Are there waves? I’ll go surf. Is there wind? I’ll go kite surf. Is it a beautiful day for a bike ride? I’ll do that. Living from inspiration to inspiration, now that’s living and that’s the best part of my summer.

Sounds great to me!  Three time medalist, Julia has one more chances to podium this week in the Ladies' Giant Slalom.  Go Jules!

ski girl
p.s.  Oooh I just found this...maybe I really can work out with Julia!!!!!  She and her trainers, Scott Sanchez and Stephan Boeker are planning a 9 week online and telephone consulting Gold Maximum Performance Training Program that will culminate in a 10 day Maui intensive life-changing camp. They’re looking to gear this program towards the aspiring amateur athlete, the competitive athlete looking for the ultimate edge, the master class athlete and the person who is looking to change her life around in profound new ways. Stay tuned by signing up to Julia's newsletter on her website http://juliamancuso.com 

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