Monday, February 8, 2010

ski like a girl: "Let your inner princess shine!" says, Olympian Julia Mancuso

Julia Mancuso says, "Let your inner princess shine!"

Why ski like a girl likes Julia Mancuso
  • 2006 Olympic champion in the women's giant slalom 
  • One of the most out-going and popular skiers on the Alpine tour
  • Travels with several lucky charms, including a Tiara, that she wore in competition at the 2006 Games
  • Has a ski run named after her in her hometown
  • Splits her residence between California and Hawaii
  • Avid surfer
  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2008.
  • She's a Lange Girl

    Julia's Events in Vancouver
    • Women's Downhill
    • Women's Giant Slalom
    • Women's Super-G

    More on Julia's Lucky charms from her Bio at NBC Olympics
    "At the 2006 Games, Mancuso caught the attention of fans when she wore a tiara on her ski helmet for the slalom portion of the women's combined event. What started out as a gag gift from her coach became a good luck charm that she always took out with her on the course, for all to see. She did not don the tiara for the giant slalom - which she won - but wore it at the medal ceremony that evening, providing images of a ski queen with her gold. Today, the tiara - or any extraneous objects -- is not allowed, so she has one painted on her helmet. The original tiara, she keeps at home. "It's very valuable," she says. "I'm keeping it as a good luck charm and bringing it to Vancouver." Other lucky charms include a blanket "that she takes everywhere", her charm pouch with good energy crystals and random stones and shells from beaches she has been to."

    Solar-powered surfer girl
    "In the off season, Mancuso spends most of her time on the island of Maui. Far from the nearest ski slope, she stays active and builds up her core with biking, stand-up paddling and surfing. She is convinced that ocean sports are a useful tool for her winter profession. "Being with the forces of nature is something that I can really relate to. Surfing big waves or small waves, just feeling the momentum pulling you forward. It is kind of one of those skills that suddenly crosses over."
    Watching Julia's training video makes me homesick for Hawaii!  I need to bump up my training on the Big Island to keep up with Julia's Maui style workouts.

    ski girl
    p.s.  Julia may have a new underwear line coming out soon called Kiss My Tiara.  Stay updated by following her Blog.


    1. That's some extreme training!!

    2. You know it! I need to add the balance board/hula hoop combo to my workouts. And some underwater running carrying a rock would sure bump up my training. I see a trip to Puako in my future!