Saturday, February 20, 2010

ski like a girl: How they train, Gretchen Bleiler

The US Snowboardings team's plan was to sweep the halfpipe medals. Unfortunately, that didn't quite happen.

Gold- Torah Bright Australia
Silver- Hannah Teter USA
Bronze- Kelly Clark USA

My pick for the gold, Gretchen Bleiler, finished 11th.  I love Gretchen she's a glamor girl who knows how to throw down in the pipe.  This just wasn't her year for the Gold.  NBC has a beautiful slide show from her June wedding in Costa Rica.  Click Here to view it.  She arrived at her fairy tale wedding on horseback.

From Gretchen on  twitterThanks for all the love and support leading up to and at the Olympics. Now it's time to find some pow and some surf!

Click Here to view a slideshow of Gretchen and her husband, Chris Hotell, surfing. 

Have fun Gretchen!

ski girl

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