Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ski like a girl & Lindsey Vonn

Which do you like better? Lindsey's cover on Ski Magazine this month?

Lindsey Vonn, Skiing, U.S. Olympics, February 2010, Ski Magazine

Or her Sports Illustrated cover?

Lindsey Vonn, Sking, U.S. Olympics - 02.08.10 - SI Vault Sports Illustrated

Ski magazine asked their facebook fans today:

"Sports Illustrated put Lindsey Vonn on the cover of their Olympics issue; so did we. Which is better: their staged shot of Vonn looking like a delicate snow bunny? Or our high-speed race shot of Vonn looking like the raging world beater she is?"

The results are mixed with the facebook  fans.  ski like a girl likes them both.  We vote for:  More coverage of skiers!  More coverage of women skiers!  And more coverage of Lindsey Vonn!  At least Sports Illustrated keep her in a speed suit.  She could have been in the Swimsuit Issue.  But maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing. Okay, we vote for Lindsey Vonn in the Swimsuit Issue. 

ski girl

p.s.  What do you think?  Share you thoughts and feelings on this very important issue in the comments.

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  1. Thats a tough call... I would have to go with the Ski Mag. cover. It's just more real. The SI cover is great however, and so is the fact that the US Womens ski team is getting this kind of coverage.