Sunday, January 24, 2010

ski like a girl wants to be like Clyde (Clyde Getty)

Tomorrow will be my first day back on the snow since my unfortunate collision with a snowboarder. Wait, that sounds like I hit him and if you've been following my blog you know that he took me down from behind. Somehow as we got tangled together and continued to slide down the mountain my shoulder was partially dislocated. And I've been whining about it ever since. Now it's time to move on. Seriously, it's time.
Well it's been a month and tomorrow I'm skiing and I hate to admit this, I'm a little scared. Okay, that is completely an understatement. I've been having nightmares, a little P.T.S.D. That would be post-traumatic stress disorder for those of you who haven't committed the DSM-IV to memory.
I think I may be overreacting a bit. I just need to suck it up and ski. I just need to be like Clyde.
Watch this YouTube video of Clyde at the Turino Winter Olympics in 2006
Watch Clyde fly through the air
Watch Clyde spin
and spin
an spin
Watch Clyde hit the ground
on his face
and kind of bounce
on his face

Watch Clyde jump up
and wave
and wave some more

Watch the crowd cheer

So if you can't tell Clyde is my new hero.
Here is a little more gushing about Clyde and how awesome he is. Last weekend at The Nature Valley Freestyle World Cup in Deer Valley he managed to displace his 10th rib in competition.
From Clyde's One Winter, Five Dreams blog:
"Well, Deer Vally was yet another crazy experience. Yes, I did triples, and I did a triple on snow, in competition, that I had never done before. That's called a "lay-lay-lay" or triple layout. Some old timers may call it the "triple banana", but this was no banana, it was straight. Once again however (like 2006 Olympic games) , "I stuck it in training", but I didn't stick it when it the competition. Unlike the 2006 games however, I did not come in short. Instead I gave it a bit too much, so to speak. So, I landed, yes, but I slapped back pretty hard. Hard enough to displace my #10 rib."
But that didn't stop him. A few days later he is in Lake Placid at The Nature Valley Freestyle World Cup, flying through the air again.
So tomorrow I will ski. It has been a month and I will be like Clyde and ski. And if all goes well I may even hit the freestyle clinic because you know I really just want to be like Clyde.

I'll keep you updated Clyde and his Olympic dream. His goal is to do two triples and place in the finals. Clyde, ski like a girl is cheering for you!

ski girl
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