Friday, January 8, 2010

ski like a girl is "feeling herself think"

So the really cool thing about the 5 athletes featured in Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams is that in addition to being incredible athletes, focused on their dream. They are real people just like us. And when you comment on their blogs they actually write back! And sometimes within those responses you'll find some words of wisdom that can change your life or at the very least your skiing. And isn't that what life is all about- skiing better? Seriously, Clyde Getty just shared his thought process about his take-off with little ole' me!

Here's what I wrote to him after reading his blog post "Television coverage from China!!! (plus some music)" and watching video of his visit in China.

Sometimes it's all about the landing. Great job! I loved the closeness you have with the Chinese team. This is truly an international experience! Happy New Year and best wishes to you.

Posted by leilani aka ski girl at Jan 07, 2010 8:33 AM

And then he took time out of his incredibly busy travel and training schedule and wrote back.

Leilani, you are very right. Landing is 30% of the score! However, a good take-off is what I think about, because, with a good take-off, the execution of the jump is easier, and the landing is usually good. It is best for me to just think about the take-off, the my body will do what it needs in the air. The best is when everything happens well, and it feels like it is in slow-motion. That way you can actually "feel yourself think".

Happy 2010 to you as well, and thank you for your wonderfull wishes. :-{)

Posted by Author Profile Page Clyde Getty replied to leilani aka ski girl at Jan 08, 2010 3:03 AM

I hope that when my shoulder is healed and I'm hitting a jump I can find that place where I "feel myself think" like Clyde does.

Well like I promised earlier today in ski like a girl profiles Katharine Eustace, I'll have a full profile of Clyde tomorrow. So please check back. If you have some time go to One Winter, Five Dreams and share some love with the five athletes. You never know what you'll get back in the process.

ski girl aka the Gold Blogger (fingers crossed)

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  1. More on skiing from Clyde Getty!!!

    Leilani ski girl -
    Whether you can ski right now or not, skiing in your head is always good. Picture yourself in slow-motion going down the hill; both from your perspective, and the perspective of a spectator or judge.
    It really helps!
    Thank you for your cheers! :-{)

    Posted by Author Profile Page Clyde Getty replied to leilani aka ski girl at Jan 09, 2010 7:42 PM | Reply

    Send him your well wishes at One Winter, Five Dreams