Friday, January 29, 2010

ski like a girl: Flying high with Clyde Getty

 Daffy's Rule!
Wow!  I'm so excited!  Really excited!  Really, really excited!
I'm sure most of you realize I'm making much more out of this back and forth between me and Clyde than is really warranted.  But let me live in my delusion. It's my happy place. Read down to the last post from Clyde and you will see why I'm so giddy.

From the comments on Clyde Getty's One Winter, Five Dreams blog.

Daffy's do Rule! I have an "old school" skiing book "Freestyle Skiing, the fundamentals" written in 1976. I'm working through the book trying to learn the ski ballet stuff. I used to dance so some of it works but sliding down a hill changes everything. I love it! I need a coach, learning movement from a book is challenging at times. Of course I love the helmet cam video. It's great to see what you see! Thanks again for the awesome posts and the replys!
Posted by leilani aka ski girl 

I don't usually like to age myself but this next post is key to my story, so I'll let it out. 
As another one of the over 40 crowd, I second, Ron's comment. You are an inspiration! I want to go to one of the 3 day summer camps at Utah Olympic Park this summer and learn to jump. I suppose I should be signing my 10 year old up for it but I want to do it! You're my hero. I love all the great posts. It's exciting follow your journey. Best wishes to you.
Posted by leilani aka ski girl


Utah Olympic Park

What can I say. Geeeeeze. Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing you jump at the Utah Olympic Park. I will be happy to help you (and your 10 year old) get off those ramps. You rock AND Rule! :-{)
Posted by Author Profile Page Clyde Getty replied to leilani aka ski girl

The ramps! (There is a much smaller one that's not in this picture.)

This is the part I'm so excited about!  Do you think he means it?  Will Clyde Getty actually help me and my little ski princess learn to jump?  That's so awesome!

Watch this video from the Flying Ace show at the Utah Olympic Park on July 4th.  Clyde thinks he was there.  I think so to. I do remember the announcer introducing a skier from Argentina. Help me figure out which one of  the aerialists is Clyde.  Clyde if you read this, which ramp were you on?

ski girl
p.s. Support Clyde Getty and the other One Winter, Five Dreams athletes by posting your messages of encouragement on their blogs. ski like a girl is counting down the days til the games. 13 to go! And tomorrow is the last day left to win a trip to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Enter Panasonic's Gold Blogger contest. Share in the passion and excitement of the Olympics. Remember Gold Blogger applications must be submitted by January 31st, 2010 24:00 (JST) (Which, I think is 7 am (PST) on the 30th.)  I'm still working on making my gold blogger dreams come true. Encourage these amazing athletes as they their pursue their dreams and cheer them to victory. Let’s share their passion!

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