Monday, January 18, 2010

ski like a girl is living her dream with "One Winter, Five Dreams"

The countdown continues. Only 26 days until the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics begin.  And I'm still blogging away about the 5 athletes featured on Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams site. In an effort to make it all about me, I've renamed the competition One Winter, Six Dreams.  The sixth dream, of course, is mine.  Winning the Gold Blogger competition and going to the games!  Having the opportunity to represent the online supporters by blogging about the athletes’ activities and competitive performances. The Gold Blogger will also deliver the online messages from the participators of the site to the athletes. Those are my dreams!

You may wonder, "Why should they pick me?"

  • I'm a little OCD about following the athletes and their blogs and sending them messages.
  • I'm a ski instructor and spent most of my workdays outside, in the snow, no matter what the conditions. So I have all the winter clothing, gear, (moon boots) necessary... to tramp around the various Olympic venues and keep the world up to date with posts about the athletes.
  • I have a blog about skiing.  ski like a girl
  • I'm enthusiastic and passionate about the athletes and their Olympic dreams.

The competition is coming to a close.  The 10 finalist will be notified soon.  When is soon, I wonder?  Today?  I check my email hourly hoping to hear from "The Project Office".  I check my spam folder in case this very important email somehow gets bounced. Oops, just a little more of my OCD nature coming through.

Here's a little back and forth between me and One Winter, Five Dreams on Twitter.  I do realize that I am not the only person they sent a tweet to but I would like to live in the delusion that I'm special and that they want me, yes me to enter.  Let me have my Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes moment, you know when you get that envelope in the mail that says You are a Winner!  And, if you are like me, you completely, 100 % believe that you are a winner.  Let me live that moment now. Come on everybody, say it with me, I am the Gold Blogger! 

Tweets between me and owfd:
owfd_athletes This is your last chance to win a free trip to the Vancouver Games!! Enter now before the offer expires!

owfd_athletes @leilanigibson Just a few more days till the offer ends! Send your entries now to win a free trip to the Vancouver Olympics!...

leilanigibson @owfd_athletes I entered! Thanks for the follow. Best wishes to the athletes. Less than a month til the Games. Let's share in the passion!

owfd_athletes @leilanigibson thanks for your entry, and the passion. Please continue your favors toward the athletes' assistance.

Okay, I realize that these are probably generic tweets that One Winter, Five Dreams sent out. But here I am just like that little kid in the back of the class room, with my arm raised over my head, jumping up and down, saying pick me, pick me, pick me!

ski girl aka the Gold Blogger (Keep your fingers crossed)
p.s.  If you'd like to send messages of support to the One Winter, Five Dreams athletes just post them in the comments and I will make sure they get them.  Your voices of support will encourage the athletes in their pursuit of their dreams and lead them to victory. So let’s share their passion!

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  1. Just found this out: the official deadline for Gold Blogger entries is January 31st 2010 at 24:00 (JST). Even if you don't enter the contest post your messages to the athletes at
    Or here in my comments and I'll make sure and pass on your good wishes.