Monday, January 11, 2010

ski like a girl One Winter, Five Dreams

Panasonic's blog, "One Winter, Five Dreams", is part of its Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics sponsorship efforts. The goal of this effort is to bring together Olympic athletes and their supporters through blogging. They have focused on lesser-known athletes from around the world, who have all overcome a variety of trials and tribulations. From lack of funding for training, being the oldest on the team, to training in a country with out any snow, they all have a compelling story to tell. The five athletes featured in One Winter, Five Dreams all share a common trait, Passion. They are passionate about their sport, passionate about their training, and passionate about making it to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics no matter what obstacles or challenges they face.

Robel Teklemariam, a cross-country skier from Ethiopia, is the only member of his country's ski team.

Katharine Eustace, a women's skeleton racer from New Zealand, completes her daily training on a tight budget with limited food.

Kazuhiro Koshi, a men's skeleton racer from Japan, at 44 is the oldest member of the Japanese team.

Tugba Karademir, a ladies' figure skater from Turkey, her parents moved to Canada to support her skating dreams and did not have tickets to attend the Games until a corporation donated some.

Clyde Getty, a freestyle skier from Argentina originally from the U.S., suffered a bad fall in Torino 2006. Clyde doesn't believe in retirement and is continuing to pursue his Olympic dream.

One Winter, Five Dreams brings us the heart wrenching human drama that the athletes endure to achieve their Olympic dreams. Please join ski like a girl in supporting each of these athletes meet their dreams. Log into to their blogs. Read about their daily training, their struggle to qualify, and join in as the excitement build towards the 2010 Winter Games. Please share your words of support and encouragement on each of their blogs. I will join you in cheering them on!

ski girl
p.s. Join me in pursuing my dream of being the Gold Blogger and attending the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The winner will travel to the games and blog about the athletes activities and accomplishments. Sharing the passion of the Olympics with the world!

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