Friday, January 29, 2010

ski like a girl: sharing the love with the One Winter, Five Dreams Athletes

My little ski princess has been following my bloggin' activities with as much interest as you'd expect from a 10 year old. Uh, not a lot.

Most of it has been, "Mom, are you still writing cuz I need my laptop to check on my FarmVille". "And the ever popular "Are you done yet?" And my favorite "You said 5 minutes and it's been like 20".

(Yes, she has a laptop and I don't! And yes, I have to "borrow" it to write blog posts. That's the kind of quality parenting going on around here.)

So I was very surprised and a little touched when she came up with the idea of asking her friends at school to write messages to the Panasonic One Winter, Five Dreams athletes. She can be a sweet kid! (When she wants to be.)

From some of the 4th and 5th graders at Forest Park Elementary.

Good Luck! YOU CAN DO IT! -Morgan
-good luck! make sure you do your best and go for it! -Madison :)
Good luck! I know you'll do awesomely! Sarah
I hope you guys get into the Olympics. :) Jessica
Good Luck! Siena
I hope you guys get into the Winter Olympics !!! Zoe
hi -Anna
Good luck! Hope you guys get in! Daae
I hope you do good! -Lizzie
Hi I hope you make it, Ava
You guys will do amazing. Emily
You guys go! Tyler
You Rock! -Nina

From the mouths of babes, right? So Clyde, Robel, Tugba, Kazuhiro, and Katharine: YOU ROCK!

ski girl

p.s. Hopefully I will be in Vancouver to share more of the love. Only 1 day left to enter Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams Gold Blogger contest. ski like a girl has entered! Share in the passion and excitement of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games!

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