Saturday, January 30, 2010

ski like a girl: Skeleton the best way to catch 5 Gs at the Olympics

Just wanted you to have a chance to view Skeleton from the slider's perspective.  Get a feel for what Katharine Eustace and Kazuhiro Koshi experience.

Slide head first
at up to 90 mph
on a curvy track of ice

with no brakes
or steering
experiencing five Gs of force
the equivalent of a space shuttle take off
Skeleton, catch it if you can.

Have a new respect for the sport?  Become a facebook fan of Japan's Kazuhiro Koshi and New Zealand's Katharine Eustace, two of the One Winter, Five Dreams featured athletes. ski like a girl is!
ski girl
p.s.  Kazuhiro Koshi is the oldest member of the Japanese Winter Olympic team.  Cheer him on as he prepares for the Games in Vancouver.  Leave a message for him in the comments and I'll make sure he gets it.


  1. That looks like fun!!!!! I want to race like that.

  2. Hey Jesse,
    Thanks for the comment.
    If you really want to try Skeleton head on out to Park City, Utah.

    Public Skeleton Rides now available at the Utah Olympic Park!
    $50.00 for the first ride and $25.00 for the second. Anyone 14 and over can slide head first down the 2002 Olympic track. No experience necessary and all equipment is provided.
    Participants may slide on specific Saturdays through March 20, 2010


    Have fun!