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ski like a girl profiles Tugba Karademir

"One Winter, Five Dreams" Panasonic Vancouver 2010 Athletes Blog

"The five athletes we have chosen to introduce here have overcome a variety of adverse circumstances in seeking the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games.They may not be “star” athletes, but like every Olympic contender they have a dramatic story to tell. About having meager finances and putting one’s entire resources intro training. About battling the barrier of an aging body before even beginning to face one’s rivals in sport. About going to the Olympic Winter Games from a country without snowfall.And like every athlete who aims for the Olympic Games, they each cherish a special dream in their hearts.It is the strength to believe in one’s dream that makes it possible to keep on trying and overcome all types of adversity. We want to put these athletes in the spotlight and share their dreams and passion for Olympic competition.

Please add your comments to their blogs. Your voice of encouragement will cheer them on to pursue their dreams of Olympic gold. It will help them stay energized, motivated and focused on winning. In this way, you can participate in the human drama of making dreams come true and the thrill of victory.The Olympic Games are a magnificent stage where athletes and their supporters from around the world can celebrate sports together regardless of national borders and cultural differences."

Here is the fourth of the five athletes.

Tugba Karademir


Ladie's Figure Skating

Tugba Karademir born 1985 in Turkey. Age 24. In 2006, Tugba became the first figure skating athlete to represent Turkey in the Torino, Olympic Winter Games. She finished 21st place out of 24. Tugba began skating at the age 5 in Turkey. As she continued skating Tugba yearned to become like the famous skater, Katerina Witt, and dreamed of being able to be in the spotlight some day. Her parents acknowledged her talent and to improve her inadequate training environment (inadequate coaches and lack of training time) they decided to move her training base to Barrie, Ontario in Canada. Her parents have dedicated their life to support her and Tugba's growth and talents were proven by the fact that she received and offer to represent Canada. However, Tugba refused this offer and chose to represent Turkey. With love for her country in her heart, Tugba aims to make the top ranks.

Please join ski like a girl in supporting Tugba's Olympic dreams!

Check out Tugba's blog and share you words of support and encouragement as she continues to focus on her dream. And wish me luck in my dream of becoming the Gold Blogger so I can go to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and continue cheering on all of the amazing athletes.

Here's the info on the Gold Blogger.

"Panasonic also is conducting a global campaign to select a "Gold Blogger" from among the general web users who share Panasonic's passion and help promote the blog, through their blogging and/or other social media activities. Panasonic will provide a place for the Gold Blogger to exhibit his/her skills.
The selected Gold Blogger will be sent to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games to cheer for the athletes and blog about the athletes' activities and competitive performances. The Gold Blogger will represent all who wrote support messages on the website and hand deliver these messages to the athletes. Roundtrip airfare, local accommodation and Game tickets will be provided by Panasonic Corporation!!!!

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p.s. Check back tomorrow at ski like a girl for a profile on Kazuhiro Koshi, Japan, Skeleton.

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