Thursday, January 28, 2010

ski like a girl & 10 reasons to become a fan of Katharine Eustace

A fellow blogger, The Olympic Dream, has been writing these great posts about the Panasonic One Winter, Five Dreams featured athletes.

I'm expecting he'll have one out soon for Tugba Karademir, the Figure skater from Turkey who is also heading to the games. But there is one athlete from the Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams project that won't be competing in the Olympics this year. And her story is far from over.
I have to admit before I got involved in this project I didn't really know what Skeleton racing was but now I have a whole new respect for the athletes and the sport. And late last night when I found myself glued to the TV watching the recent Men's Skeleton World Cup from Austria, I knew I was hooked.

Ten reasons you should become a Katharine Eustace fan on facebook

10. She is an amazing athlete and should have more fans!

9. She trains hard.

8. She needs some ideas for dinner.

7. She's gracious and humble.

6. She flies down an icy track at crazy speeds reaching 70 miles an hour

5. Face first...

4. With no brakes!

3. She makes sparks!

2. Her story isn't over yet!

And the number ONE reason you should become Katharine Eustace's fan on facebook is

1. She is already thinking about Sochi in 2014! She'll have 4 more years of experience. And with Kazuhiro Koshi and Clyde Getty as examples she won't be getting older, she'll be getting better!

Share your love and support with all of Panasonic's One Winter, Five Dreams athletes. Read their blogs and follow their journey's to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. ski like a girl will be, join me!

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