Friday, January 22, 2010

ski like a girl and yet another One Winter, Five Dreams Post

Don't say I didn't warn you about the OCD thing.  I've been a busy little ski girl.  Today I built a Squidoo lens for the One Winter, Five Dreams athletes. It puts their blogs, youtube videos, pictures, and other info all in one place.  Hopefully it will draw a little more attention to these incredibly hard working athletes as they count down the days to the big event.  Yes, only 22 days!  I've turned into quite the fan.

Speaking of fans I started two new Facebook fan pages today.

Kazuhiro Koshi on Facebook
Katharine Eustace on Facebook

Become a fan and post comments.  I'll make sure and pass them on.

One Winter, Five Dreams facebook stats:
Clyde Getty has 181 fans, Robel Teklemariam has 214 fans, and Tugba Karademir has 11 on her English page and 860 on her personal page.  So far I'm the only fan on Kazuhiro Koshi's and Katharine Eustace's pages.  Let's change that!  And while you're at it why don't you become fans of all five athletes.  I am.

While we're talking about Facebook, ski like a girl has a Facebook fan page too and could use a little more love.  It takes 25 fans to be able to get a custom Facebook username (instead of that ridiculously long and convoluted one) and we have 8 fans right now.  Please fan us!  You'll get ski like a girl updates and we can chat on Facebook.  All kinds of good stuff.  If you have a page let me know.  I'm a really good fan.  Kind of stalkerish at times.  Did you see "The Fan" or  "Swimfan".  Well I'm not that bad.  Really! Don't be scared.

ski girl
p.s.  I'm still working on making my gold blogger dreams come true.  The Gold Blogger contest ends on January 31st, 2010 24:00 (JST).  Get your enteries in to win a trip to the games.  Even if you don't enter you can leave messages for each of the athletes.  Encourage these amazing athletes as they their pursue their dreams and cheer them to victory. Let’s share their passion!

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