Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ski like a girl is not a ski bunny

While I've been known to occasionally go with fashion over function in my ski wear I have never gone to these extremes. I retired the all white Burton Sargent Pepper outfit once I realized that in all white ski patrol would never find me if I fell off a cliff. And that even though as my dear friend Carolyn says, "helmets make you look like a cone-head."  I firmly believe they are not optional.
Enjoy these images of  "women skiing" from Paris Vogue.

ski girl 
p.s.  I'm proud to say although I'm a fan of the wild ski pant.  I have never skied in a bikini, in shorts, or in anything that shows clevage or my stomach.  That may disappoint some of you but it's true.


  1. Wait a second --- You've never Water skied???

  2. Okay, Wade you got me there. My disclaimer was about snow skiing. I did grow up in Hawaii and have spent my fair share of time in a bikini doing all sort of things. Something about summer sun, the glacier at Mt.Hood, and all that exposed lava just makes me want to wear protective clothing.