Sunday, June 14, 2009

ski like a girl survives blue lake tri

Well I did more than survive. I won my age group and came in 5th in the masters. Yes, I am dating myself by admitting that but who cares! I am a triathlete. Here are the race results if you want to take a peek. Blue Lake Results. Before the race family and friends would ask me what my goals were for the race and I would laugh and say "to finish." Secretly my goal was to win my age group and I did!!!

I have a lot of room to improve my times. Especially my run. I was super slow. Really slow, I didn't know I could run a 5k that slow. My transition times were crazy long too. It's like I forgot it was a race at times. One of my transitions was so long I could have squeezed in a spa treatment. Swim, massage, bike ride...?

I'm watching footage from the Kona Ironman as I write this cuz that's just how obsessed with this triathlon thing I've become. The opening shots are of early race morning at the pier in Kailua-Kona. It's so blue and beautiful and tropical and stressful and scary!

Yesterday's swim at Blue lake was easy for me. None of the fear or panic surfaced. I just focused on keeping my breathing even, my legs strong, and taking the next stroke. Remember my earlier fears over the open water swim? It's funny as I watch the Kona race footage my heart rate is higher than during yesterday's actual swim. Here are a few choice quotes from the commentary about the Kona Ironman swim.

  • "It's a feeding frenzy out there."
  • "It's scary out there."
  • "There's nobody out there that's your friend."
  • "Slapping your back. Pulling on your legs."
  • "It's a washing machine, elbows, and arms. Kicking and screaming."
  • "It's like a cross between swimming and wrestling."
This last one is my fav.
  • "People clawing right over your back and kicking you and that's just the women."
Seriously, that's some scary stuff and that's just the start of the race.

Even Sister Madonna Buder, a nun and 76, gets all agro and wants to pull a guys goggles off because he was repeatedly nudging her during the swim. She's a nun! I'm going to have to toughen up. Finally as I watch, anxiety rising, the swimmers find a line and realize they have 2.4 miles to go. I'm struggling to build up to 1 mile!

I'm watching this as part of my plan to get to Kona. Some sort of sadomasochistic visualization exercise. Watch a stressful situation enough and you'll become accustomed to it. Right?

It's a good thing that I'm going skiing soon or I'd have to change this blog's name from ski like a girl to tri girl. Don't worry my dear ski friends. I'll get back to the ski talk soon. Promise.

Let me know how your doing in the comments. Or if you have any training tips (ski, tri, or anything else) I'd love to hear them. I'm on The Road to Kona! Wanna join me? I could use some training partners.
-ski girl/tri girl

My very pink and girly transition area. Can I get anything else in pink? Oh yeah, a new pink race bike!

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  1. Congratulations!! I knew that you would do it! Kona sounds like a war.