Thursday, June 4, 2009

chix that rip


Summer is coming on strong but it's never too early to start planning your next ski season. There are certain things in life that take a little planning and one of those is making sure you get signed up for the HEAD RIPPIN CHIX STEEP CAMP. The 2010 camp dates aren't out yet but last year's camp was held over President's Day Weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado. This camp sells out and ski girls this is one camp you don't want to miss!!!

From the camps 2009's website:
"Freeskiing champion Alison Gannett is proud to bring her infamous steep skiing camps for women to Crested Butte Mountain Resort again this season.
This camp is for real skiers wishing to improve their skills and confidence in a life-changing weekend. Open to alpine and tele chix wishing to improve their skills and confidence on black runs, with 6 exciting levels:
  • A level - Those who can ski black runs for several hours
  • B level - Those who wish to start skiing double blacks
  • C level - Those who can ski double blacks but need confidence and tricks to negotiate rocks and stumps
  • D level - Those who can ski double blacks all the time and wish to learn to jump off rocks and ski faster.
  • E level - Those looking jump bigger cliffs, straightline and compete in extreme contests.
Learn Alison’s special step by step progression method to tackling the steeps, including her five ways to catch air, and special tricks to make the tough stuff like rocks, trees, powder, chutes, and moguls seem easy."
Well that's exactly what this ski girl wants; to catch air and for rocks, trees, powder, chutes, and moguls to seem easy. Don't we all want that?

More cool stuff about Allison:
  • Woman Freeskier of the Year
  • World Cup Free Skiing Champion
  • 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Champion
  • One of the few women featured in ski flicks by Teton Gravity Research and Matchstick Productions
  • She's also an environmentalists into promoting green living and sustainable building practises
  • Her recent work with the Save Our Snow Foundation offers solutions to the imminent impact of climate change on winter sports like snow boarding and skiing

"This two day camp focuses on changing your life through improving confidence in your skiing. While baby steps are emphasized and comraderie, this camp does not come complete with yoga, red wine or filet mingon. Included is world class instruction and instructors, video analysis, free demos, and insane goodie bags and raffles."
For video footage of Allison click HERE.

One of the key things to skiing like a girl is looking good and of course skiing better than the boys. I think this camp will definitely get us there. Keep checking back for the 2010 dates and for more info on upcoming camps and events. If you know of anything fun and exciting for ski girls in your area please share it in the comments. Thanks. Can't wait to hear from you.

-ski girl: soon to be one of the chix that rip!

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  1. That sounds like an awesome camp! I wish that it was co-ed.

  2. There are some great co-ed camps out there. Check out NASTC for all mountain freeskiing course.