Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mt. Hood Scramble

The scramble to the finish. I thought the river crossing was the end and then looked up and realized I had to crawl up the hill!

This is straight from the X-Dog site:
Harsh weather, with near freezing conditions and high winds added new challenges to the Mt. Hood Scramble. A record turnout braved the course and conditions."
No kidding! It was ridiculously cold. We got there early so we had an hour to stress out and freeze and think about the stupidity of leaving the warm car and "running". Happy Father's Day! Forget about a relaxing day and a yummy brunch. We chose to do this. This race sold out. A lot of people chose to do this. The week before they were selling extra spots on e Bay!

A Scramble isn't really a run. It's an adventure race, with obstacles. Gravel, sand, rocks, snow, river crossings, mud bogs... fun, fun, fun!!! At the mud bog I fell off of the log I was balancing on and ended up shin deep in mud. My shoes were getting sucked off as I tried to pull myself out.

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for official race photos by Brian Conaghan. There's a lovely photo montage of Robert helping me at the first river crossing. Search racer number 111, that's me. Robert is 112. After the first river crossing chivalry was dead! I was on my own and I was fine. I didn't freak out. I didn't look for the easy way across the river. It turns out that the best places to make your move and pass a few peeps are at the river crossings. On a lot of the single track sections you get stuck in a little train going the speed of whoever is in front. Each river crossing became an opportunity to get out of the pack. Instead of looking for the safest crossing or going where everyone else was I would just jump in the river and keep on running!

As I write this I'm on the XTERRA web site trying to decide if I'm up to the Portland XTERRA Triathlon at Hagg Lake. I'd get to swim, mountain bike, and trail run. I think I'm toughening up. I still like my running clothes to match. And yes, I stop and smile for every picture but ski girl is becoming one tough chick. Next year I need to wear knee socks to keep the gravel and sand from ripping up my feet. Not being able to wear shoes while my cuts heal has put a crimp in my training schedule this week. It's flip flops only for the next few days.
And yes, I am planning on doing this one again. X-dog events rock!! Check out x-dog's event schedule for more awesome races this summer! I may see you there.

-ski girl

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