Tuesday, June 16, 2009

snowsport training

Check out the BoarDRock from Fitter First. It's a little more applicable to snowboarders but ski like a girl is all about cross training. If I can get this down I can break out some new tricks when I'm on my K2 Va Va Voom. Yes, I snowboard too. Sort of. See above picture for the results of my last snowboarding attempt!

BoarDRock Doesn't Roll, It Totally Rocks!

Looking to keep your kids active over the summer months? Look no further! A great addition to your balance training program. The perfect trainer for snowboarders, skateboarders or wakeboarders. Walking, rocking, spinning and jumping are just a few of the cool things you will love to do on your BoarDRock. A versatile tool for balance and fitness exercises or practicing your toughest board tricks.

You can perform all your favorite board tricks year-round, inside or outside on flexing spheres instead of rolling wheels. Practice your:

• ollies
• grabs

• nollies
• manuals

• kickflips • spins
• and all your old school tricks,

before showing up your friends at the skate park. Learn to throw 360's. 720's or for the experts, 1080 degree spins! The BoarDRock's 31" skate board deck is attached to spheres with flexing rubber mounts that give the rider a unique and challenging experience. This is a perfect trainer for snow boards, skateboarders, wake boarders or anyone who wants to enhance balance and spinning skills.

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If you have used the BoarDRock or have any tips on snowsport training and conditioning I'd love to hear from you.
-ski girl