Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to ski like a girl

This past ski season I was buying skis like a girl with a designer shoe addiction. Okay, I'll admit it I was (still am) a girl with a designer shoe addiction but 3 years ago when I began skiing that all changed. I now have skis for all occasions. Powder skis, all mountain carvers, park skis, short park skis, beat up rock skis, kid's skis with adult bindings for ski ballet, teaching skis, my first skis... I even have a snow board. Whatever the snow condition, I have the skis. My current binding of choice is the Marker Griffon. I put it on three pairs of skis this year. My favorite ski company is Line. I have the Line Shadows and the Motherships. My daughter's first pair of twin tips was the Line Mini Celebrity. My dream ski is the Line Pandora which I hope to get this summer. You see where I live the opportunity to ski still exists in the summer. Mt. Hood with Timberline's wonderful summer snow is only 90 minutes away. I still have a pair of beautiful gold Gucci heels that cost more than a good pair of skis. But for now I've traded in shoes for skis. I even sold a pair of Christian Louboutins and used the proceeds for, you guessed it, new skis! So if you happen to visit Timberline this summer look for me. I'm the girl with the fancy shoes and even fancier skis.
-ski girl

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