Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Google changed my life

How Google changed my life: or at the very least how it changed my sleepless nights. Now that all of my favorite shows have come to an end, Gossip Girl, Survivor Tocantins, and Desperate Housewives. I'm lost without my Lost. I've been wondering just what to do with all my late night free time. My habit was, albeit not a good habit, to save up episodes of my favorite shows on my DVR and watch marathon viewings late at night when quality sleep became elusive. On a recent night when my DVR was empty of all my favs I discovered Google Blogger. A late night Internet search and hours reading other peeps blogs lead me to believe that I might have something to say. A voice, an opinion, my own little take on the world. Imagine that? I'm a college educated girl but the last 10 years spent as a stay at home mom feeling like no one listens to me haven't done much to boost my confidence.

Google Blogger is an amazing tool that allow the average person to, within just a few minutes, create their very own blog. I'm not extremely computer savvy but have found blogger for the most part easy to use. I am working out the kinks so please bear with me as I learn the ropes. At this point my followers are few but I'm patient and I think I may have a lot to say! Thank you for reading and if you have any tips on blogging or how I can improve my sleep I'd love to hear from you.

FYI for all of you who may be grammatically challenged like me, “Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress. Which I'm not asking you to do at least not while reading my blog.


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