Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Run like a girl

Sunday was Havoc at the Hideout. My first race this summer. Actually my first race in years. An adventure run, complete with mud, single track, steep climbs, stream crossings, and logs to crawl under. I've been training for months but skiing definitely overtook the time spent running over the winter. Robert did the race with me. My recent training included trail runs, boot camp, weight training, spin class, power yoga, eating clean.... Robert's training plan was to not run at all, no training, eat a pint of ice cream the night before the race and beat me! I was slow. He waited for me. A lot of waiting. Somehow his running up inclines and then waiting for me to make it up didn't encourage me to run faster. As soon as I would reach him, off he'd go. It was great that we did the race together and we've signed up for more this summer. I do appreciate that Robert stuck with me. It was fun to experience the challenge together but I don't want to spend the summer chasing Robert. So more training for me and more Cookies and Cream ice cream for him. I did come in third in my age group which is better than Robert's age group finish. But ultimately, I ran like a girl and he beat me.

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