Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mock Triathlon Vancouver Lake

I swam the mock triathlon swim without wet suit! If you follow me on Twitter you know I was nervous and considering just doing the bike/run as training and skipping the swim but once I got there I knew that wasn't going to happen. It wouldn't have felt complete. The water was warm, much warmer than the pool I train in. I didn't freak out over the open water. It was so much fun, can't wait to do another one. I'm signing up for the Girlfriends and the Dudes Triathlon today!

Things I learned at the Mock Triathlon:
  1. I can do it!
  2. Sometimes wetsuits aren't necessary and not wearing one sure makes the transition from swim to bike go faster.
  3. Sunscreen, apply spray-on sunscreen in at each transition.
  4. Don't wear a dark hat during run, it was HOT! Go with a lighter color.
  5. I need a new bike. My old mountain bike with the new road tires is not going to cut it. I need something sleek, fast, and preferably pink.
  6. I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Portland Triathlon Club is an awesome group.Thanks for making this such a great triathlon for a first timer. Also, thanks to Sherri and the Northwest Personal Training Triathlon group for all of the encouragement and support. A very special thanks to Monica and Michelle my new friends who also swam sans wetsuit. Way to go girls!!

If you have any suggestions for bikes I should consider I'd love to hear them.


  1. Hi Leilani! Nice work yesterday!!! Suggestions for bikes... Keep your old Mt. Bike gives you a better workout!

  2. Thanks Trish. You were awesome on your bike. You flew by me!