Thursday, September 17, 2009

ski kitties

Loveland, Breckenridge, and my little ski princess.

I'm sure you've heard of ski bunnies, ski bums, ski girl... well here's something new the ski kitty. We have two new additions to our skiing family, Loveland and Breckenridge. Notice anything interesting about their names? I swear I didn't name them. They came pre-named and the ski princess opted not to change their names.

We adopted them from Cat Adoption Team. They were lovingly raised by a foster mom with the rest of their litter Aspen, Arapahoe, and Telluride. Someone has spent a little time skiing Colorado.

This winter when I'm using my Epic Pass to ski Colorado I can pick up logo gear for my little ski kitties. They will be the coolest cats in town with their very own Breckenridge stickers and Loveland t-shirts. How about a personalized shot glass? What other kitty has that?

ski girl

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