Monday, January 31, 2011

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse....

Back at the hospital with the little ski princess.  Seizures!  CT was good. No swelling or bruising of the brain. More tests in the morning to see what is up. Scary day but we survived.

Please keep Siena in your thoughts and prayers.

ski girl  aka siena's mom


  1. Hi Siena, it's me Paula! Thinking of you today. We need you up on the mountain skiing and smiling and waving to people. Hope your feeling better today. I am going to say some prayers (the regular type and then a special one to the Ski Goddess -- just for you.) It's probably a scary time, but lucky for you -- you have a great mom.

  2. Thank you Paula! Your continued support through all of this is wonderful! Siena may be able to spring ski this year. One of her Docs said that by April she may be back in her normal activities. (cheer and skiing!!!!) We just need some of the snow that the rest of the country has been getting to hit Mt. Hood.