Friday, July 3, 2009

ski like a girl's "lazy" ride

As we head up on the Flight of the Canyons gondola with our bikes safely ensconced in their very own gondola, I start to question our mode of transportation. And yes, each bike is in it's own gondola. 2 people + 2 bikes = 3 gondolas. I was feeling a little guilty. Not about the excessive gondola usage. They're empty and they are going up the hill with or without us. No I was feeling guilty about being on the gondola. Mountain biking to me is about the ups and downs. And I'm better at the up than the down. Much better. Shouldn't we be riding our bikes up the hill? Okay, I know it's not a hill it's a mountain! I have a retention problem. Didn't I learn anything yesterday?

When we got to the Red Pine Lodge we took yet another lift to get higher up the mountain. More guilt for me. We started out on the Red Pine loop and got lost. Well not really lost we just couldn't find the Mid-Mountain Trail and end up back at the day lodge. The plan was to take Red Pine to Mid-Mountain. Eventually we worked it out and found the trail. We decided to take Mid-Mountain Trail to Park City. An awesome ride that is tougher than I thought but worth it. 1,900 calorie burn, not bad for a "lazy" ride. Be prepared with adequate snacks and water. Once you get on the trail at The Canyons there is no exit until Park City. Here is a nice description of the trail:

Mid-Mountain Trail

Also known as the "Eight Thousand Foot Trail," the Mid Mountain Trail is an awesome single track ride. It rocks up and down at the 8000-foot level from Park City Mountain Resort to The Canyons Resort. This 8000-foot portion of the trail is 11.3 miles long. Add the climb up the Spiro Trail, and the 4 mile descent on The Canyons' lift road, and it's 18.8 miles point-to-point, 22 if you loop back into Park City along the road. Altitude change is 1400 feet, but with the up-and-down on the Mid Mountain Trail, total climbing will be close to 3000. This is a big ride.

My newest goal for 2010 is to run the Mid-Mountain trail. Here is a link to this year's Mid Mountain Marathon, September, 12, 2009.


Welcome to the Mid Mountain Marathon. This stunningly scenic almost level single track trail is at 8,000′ and traverses Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, The Colony and The Canyons. There are spectacular vistas, enchanted forests and glowing aspens.

Time & Place:
8:00 AM start at Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley Resort. Awards at 1:00 PM at The Forum at The Canyons.

Course & Distance:
26.2 miles on single track trail from Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley Resort to The Forum at The Canyons.

Keep training and have a fun summer! Ski season will be here sooner than you think. Share any summer training ideas you have in the comments. I'd love to here from you.
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