Friday, July 10, 2009

2010 Olympic Decision for Women Ski Jumpers

Sadly, the 2010 Winter Games won't include the women ski jumpers.

Fifteen female athletes sued Vancouver Olympic Games Organizing Committee
to get their sport into the 2010 Games. The B.C. Supreme Court has rejected a bid by women ski jumpers to be included in the 2010 Winter Games.

Check out Ski Channel's breaking news update. Click here to read more on the decision.

Women's reaction at the ruling from the Times Colonist.

American, Jessica Jerome said she is “extremely disheartened.”
“I feel like we were trying to do the right thing to advance the sport as a whole, not just for the girls currently competing, but for the upcoming generation as well. Unfortunately, this decision will affect a lot of talented skiers. I am hopeful the future of women’s ski jumping will look more promising.”
Ski jumping is the only sport in the Olympic Winter Games not open to both men and women. Supporters are still confident that woman's ski jumping will debut at the 2014 Olympic Games, in Sochi, Russia. And there is talk of an appeal for 2010. Some good news concerning the 2014 Olympics is that Halfpipe skiing will be included!
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  1. That really sucks! I heard on the news that the Vancouver B.C. court ruled that they don't have the jurisdiction to force the Olympic comity to add the event. The world record is even held by a woman.