Monday, February 7, 2011

Just ask for Jesse!

 "Island kids from Martinique. They had never seen snow before, let alone ski. They had a great day and were linking turns by the end of the 4 hour lesson. And I don't speak French!"  -Jesse

Jesse, is one of the many fabulous instructors at Mt. Hood Meadows in Oregon.  He has a vast technical knowledge of skiing and is happy to share it. He is a very patient instructor and is great with beginning skiers.  He has been teaching at Mt. Hood Meadows for three years, and has the skills and drills to advance your skiing whatever level you may start at.  He may not speak French, but he does speak German!  Anyway, much like love, skiing is a universal language.  No translations required.  Just get to the mountain and fall in love with the lifestyle!  For a fantastic lesson, request Jesse at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski School.

ski girl
p.s.  A special thanks to Jesse, for sharing his class picture with me.  It's the best I've seen!

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  1. Impresive to teach inspite of the language barrier! Must be a great instructor!